The j5create Story

We develop. We innovate. We create.

Founded in 2010, j5create is one of the largest computer accessory brands, built on high-performance innovation. However, we are much more than a company of consumer-packaged goods. We empower people to experience the latest technology.

Our story begins with 5 early adopters and technology enthusiasts who were motivated to make an impact in the IT industry with two ideas: (1) all devices should function together regardless of platform or operating system; and (2) we can use technology to provide inclusive computing solutions. Since that time, we’ve been focused on creating USB™ peripherals to maximize your computer’s potential.

The five founders of j5create met while working together, but constantly faced product limitation due to continuous development of technology in the electronics field. They decided to collaborate on what became our first innovation – the Newport Station. The Newport Station was first launched in 2010. It was the first USB™ 2.0 docking station to use slim aluminum curved housing in the world. We then began to tackle creating USB™ display adapters, acting as external graphics cards. 2012 was our major milestone, we developed a revolutionary cross-platform technology, the Wormhole™, that takes away the barrier between different devices and operating systems allowing them to work seamlessly together. Our USB™ 3.0 Wormhole™ Docking Station won the 2012 CES Innovations Award and the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award. We have been expanding our Wormhole™ collection ever since — going on to win multiple innovation awards. With time, our unique products have grown in number and depth, just like our team. We’ve gone from a one-room office space to now having 4 corporate offices around the world.

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